Rhodiola rosea extract is a compound extracted from the dried roots and rhizomes or dried whole grass of Rhodiola scoparia plant, which has the functions of preventing tumor, enhancing immune function, delaying aging, anti-fatigue and anti-hypoxia. Radiation protection, two-way regulation of the central nervous system, repair and protection of the body and so on. It is commonly used as a treatment for patients with chronic conditions and vulnerable to infection. Clinically used for the treatment of neurasthenia and neurosis, improve attention, memory, high altitude polycythemia, hypertension; as an excitatory nerve, used to improve intelligence, improve autonomic nerve-vascular dystonia, muscle weakness, etc.; Diseases with increased free radicals, such as tumors, radiation damage, emphysema, senile cataracts, etc.; also used as a strong agent for impotence; etc.; salidroside preparations are also used in sports medicine and aerospace medicine, in various Health protection for workers under special environmental conditions.