Tribulus terrestris saponins have fall blood pressure, fall hematic fat, resisting sclerosis of arterial congee, anti-aging, and strong effect. Containing the peroxide enzyme decomposition, have obvious anti-aging effect, can improve the body immunity. Thistle saponins is hormone supplements, because this herbal plants do not contain three main hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) of any kind. Naturally ascend testosterone, growth power and strong effect, improve the overall competitive state, and non-toxic side effects.

【Product Name】Tribulus Terrestris Extract
【Character】Brow powder
【Plant Orgine】tribulus terrestris L.
【Spcification】Tribulus terrestris saponins UV40-90%
【Active Ingredient】

Molecular Formula:C51H84O12
Mol. wt.:1049.21
CAS No.:55056-80-9
Structural Formula: